Glass is an absorbent material that requires regular maintenance to keep its protective and shining qualities. If not maintained clean, windows accumulate stain, which can often lead to window restoration (cost of which is much higher than a regular window cleaning) or even glass replacement. We offer residential, commercial and high rise professional window cleaning services using environmentally safe and innovative cleaning products and techniques. Depending on work height and scope of work, we employ the use of rope access, automated machines and high level reach and wash systems.

We use water fed poles with pure water in the reach and wash system lessening the health and safety risks while making our clients saving in their total cleaning costs. We recommend quarterly window cleaning for most residential and commercial properties, although depending on the area your home or office is located you might need to have your windows professionally cleaned more often. Our repeat commercial and residential window cleaning programs will not only keep your windows clean but also protect your investment. We offer monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual window cleaning programs.

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